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Pakistani Christian pays homage to Reverend Billy Graham


Wilson Chowdhry, a British Pakistani Christian has penned down his thoughts about the mighty man of God Reverend Billy Graham. Reverend Billy Graham went home to be with the Lord on Wednesday, February 21, 2018. Mr. Chowdhry recollected childhood memories, when he and his father had a chance to attend Reverend Billy Graham’s service in London.

Reverend Billy Graham dies

Billy Graham was a renowned evangelist who had conducted crusades across the globe, preaching the Gospel. Reverend Graham has also served as an adviser to U.S. Presidents for decades. He was often listed in polls as one of the “Ten Most Admired Men in the World” – without doubt he was an illustrious religious figure of his age.

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Reminiscing, Mr. Wilson Chowdhry wrote that in 1989, he and his father Waheeb Chowdhry traveled to Wimbley to attend Reverend Billy Graham’s outreach programme. “I was only a teenager and was struggling to understand God, the Church, and the Bible but as I stood there worshipping and praying I felt am emptiness I had in my soul cease to exist,” he explained. Wilson Chowdhry, who was only 13 at that time, felt presence of God during the service. “I felt complete and was totally aware of the presence and power of God.”

He explained that his father of the belief that Reverend Graham was “most Holy Spirit filled person” on the earth. Mr. Waheeb Chowdhry, followed his sermons through videos and was eagerly waiting to experience man of God’s preaching live. For this reason he encouraged his fellows to travel to Wimbley in order to know God.

Mr. Wilson portrays the event as jam-packed. A crowd of tens of thousands including people from varied backgrounds were waiting to hear the man of God speak. “Huge numbers of people from others faiths and no faith turned to Christ that day. None of them met Rev Graham personally but all were touched by God’s presence that emanated through him with powerful effect.”

That evening thousands of people surrendered their lives to Christ, as the Holy Spirit touched and healed many of physical illnesses. “The atmosphere was enthralling, the presence of God so thick you could palpably feel the Holy Spirit brushing against you, as it consumed your old self, renewing your body, mind and spirit and bringing you that much closer to understanding what heaven would one day be like – a place of ceaseless joy”, said Wilson Chowdhry.

Explaining his personal experience, he said that it was his first real encounter with God from that day onwards he knew that God is real. He said that he felt an urge to walk down the stairs of the Wimbley arena and pray at the altar. “I felt embarrassed, I came from a family of Pakistani Christians who were very well known in our community. My father had initiated the first ever Asian Christian Church in the UK in 1969, six years before I was born.”

“Though Rev Graham’s words were much the same as hundreds of preachers I had heard before and did not actually provide any new insight, they were powered by the Holy Spirit and were battering down my resistance.

“Rev Graham must have challenged people to commit their lives to Jesus around 10 times, before I plucked up the courage to respond to the deep yearning in my soul. I thought my family members would look at me weird wondering why I was not already committed to Christ – I was a foolish child in many ways.

“I watched as my mother welled up with tears as I made the decision to walk down, not through any fear but happy to see that her son was entering a new phase of life, where he would walk with Christ as his daily partner. She was a prayer warrior and only opened her eyes when she felt me brush her side as I got up. I did not say anything to her then, I did not feel the need for now, I just wanted to grab my salvation and to grip on to it tightly,” he recalled.

Further illuminating that event’s experience he wrote: “My father was deep in prayer and was not aware of my decision, but later he hugged me and shared words of encouragement, he always knew what to do as he had walked with God so long.

To this day he remembers the feeling of wonder he felt at the event. He said that the event was so well coordinated and a poster campaign was one of the highlights of the event. “Posters were on buses, bill boards, churches and other advertising hoarding, it was everywhere across London and other parts of the UK,”said Wilson Chowdhry.

“I dont think I will ever see such a large gathering of Christians again in my life, nor such an integrated salvation mission, to be able to bring about such a visionary and successful mission – without any personal scandal, is evidence enough for me, that God had chosen Rev Billy Graham to be his Ambassador on earth”, he concluded.