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Pakistani Christian Sabir Masih Killed over 400 Rupee


Sabir Masih was a 34 years old man. A Muslim man with his brother killed him for only Rs 400. The First Investigation Report 165/18 PS Feroz Wala, Sabir Masih was not directly involved in the quarrel.

Pakistani Christian Sabir Masih Killed over 400 Rupee

Amir Masih the cousin of Sabir Masih went to rickshaw stand to get his rickshaw from parking lot on Saturday February 17. Amir wanted to get his rickshaw repaired but the rickshaw stand owner asked for the remaining payment which was Rs 400. Amir argued with the owner identified as Shahid Mughal that his vehicle’s some parts are stolen when it was parked on the rickshaw stand. He also pledged him that let him get his rickshaw repaired later he will pay him the remaining amount of Rs 400. But Shahid Mughal refused to agree with Amir. Their argument turned into quarrel and then fight. They began hitting each other.

Later somebody informed Sabir Masih that cousin Amir Masih having a fight with Muslim people. Sabir Masih went to safe his cousin from the dispute. Meanwhile the Shaid Mughal the owner of rickshaw stand called his brother Saghir who was wearing an iron punch in his hand. Saghir punched in the forehead of Sabir Masih who died at the spot. He was taken to the hospital but declared dead after his checkup.

Sabir Masih was living in a Christian colony with other 400 Christian residents. Rehmat colony is located between GT road and Shiekhupura road. The poor illiterate Christians are mostly sanitary worker in government and private sector. The local area is dominated by the Muslims majority residents.

In Pakistan just because of being oppressive community, Christians remain failed in getting the justice for them. The rickshaw stand owner Shahid Mughal and his brother Saghir who killed Sabir Masih are not yet arrested since they have a strong political background. However the police attitude is cooperative with the Sabir Masih relatives.