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Pakistani Christian seeking asylum in Thailand pens down a letter to the Canadian Premier


PM Canada

Pakistani Christian seeking asylum in Thailand, write an open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada- Justin Trudeau, urging him to help the persecuted Pakistani Christians.

In line with details, Zahid Younas a Pakistani Christian who had fled Pakistan and has reached Thailand, seeking asylum has written an open letter to the Prime Minister of Canada-Justin Trudeau.

Zahid Younas’ letter reads as below:

“To the Prime Minister of Canada

For the past three years, I have been living in Bangkok, Thailand awaiting asylum. I am an asylum seeker from Pakistan and am facing many problems, as are many other Pakistani asylum seekers here in Thailand. Having already written to Pope Francis and not received a reply, I am turning to you appeal for the help for my self and other Pakistani Christian asylum seekers living in Bangkok, Thailand.

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No doubt, you have heard about the terrible outcome of Mr. Faisal and family. His wife aged 29 years, died in a detention centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Without receiving medical help. Her husband is left alone to take care of himself and his 2 years old son and is still waiting to receive his wife’s dead body. Up to the time of my writing, he is still without any help from any part of social community.

I ask myself who is responsible for this crime, UNHCR or Immigration in Bangkok? Who ever is, my question is left in suspension. How long must this carry on? We left Pakistan from fear of Muslims now we are in fear of immigration officers in Bangkok.

This is only part of the many outrageous things we to live with and I request your help on behalf of the peoples here in Bangkok living in the same situation. In the name of God we turn to you to help us find freedom.

We as human beings wish to be heard and treated with respect facing this unacceptable crisis. I understand my request is a difficult problem to solve but our situation is even worse so, awaiting your reply.

Your faithfully

Zahid Younas”