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Pakistani Christian Sharoon Masih Murderer Released From Jail


According to Christian journalist Saleem Iqbal, Ahmed Raza the murderer of Sharoon Masih has got release from jail on high court orders. He said that he is embarrassed to the soul of martyred Sharoon Masih and his family because in Pakistan Christian community failed to get justice for Sharron and penalized the culprit for his crime of murder.
Pakistani Christian Sharoon Masih Murderer Released From Jail

Late Sharoon Masih a teenage boy was a student in MC Model Boys Government School Burewala in Punjab. He was the only Christian in his batch. He was beaten to death by his classmate Ahmed Raza for drinking water in the same glass which was put for the Muslim students. First he was humiliated by his classmates for being Christian and then their blows on his head and body killed him at the spot.

Saleem Iqbal, the journalist said that our social workers, political leaders, Christian NGOs and Christian advocates do not have enough courage to raise voice for a poor and be the voice of our hapless community and lead them to attain justice. He said that I will continue raising voice against the cruelty and cruel.

Moreover, he said that our Christian political leaders are always busy in having special treats. They are too absorbed in consuming their lunch and dinners that they cannot see the tyranny and extortion of Christian people in the country.

He appealed to the public to share his video on social media so that the people stand in solidarity against the release order of Ahmed Raza and appeal for justice for poor Sharoon. And probably a lawyer gets encourage and advocate Sharoon Masih’s case .Furthermore, he said that may our political leaders feel ashamed and lead his murderer to capital punishment.

Mr Saleem requests the whole Christian community to pray for Sharron Masih’s family.