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Pakistani Christian TV Channels urged to do a little more to reach out to the mainstream viewers


The Pakistani Christian television, cable channels have been urged to do a little more in order to reach out to the mainstream audience in the country. The prominent Pakistani Christian TV channels include ISAAC TV, Jesus Christ TV, Gawahi TV, Good News TV etc.

Christian TV channels running in Pakistan

These channels are just not enough to impact the protrusive society in Pakistan. Asher John, Editor of Daily Pakistan Today, remarked that this little effect of our TV channels on the society may be owing to lack of an effective Christian political leader. Since the death of Shahbaz Bhatti a vacuum has been created, he said.

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However the vacuum is in some extent being nullified by the Christian TV channels who oftentimes air a right-wing viewpoint, he explained. “Channels such as Isaac TV have strong reach and they also target a lot of the female demographic,” he stated.

While speaking in this regard, Cecil Chaudhry of the National Commission for Justice and Peace, which is a Pakistani Catholic human-rights organization, said that the Pakistani Christian tv or cable channels do not necessarily impact the national scenario. He said that shows being aired on these channels should do more to reach out to the Muslim mainstream media.

“The question is: how do we get these stories out to the majority side where there is more recognition and ultimately a respect for all other religions is developed. The true value will come when they can reach a broad audience,” says Cecil Chaudhry.

Saleem Iqbal, who hosts a show “Pride of the Nation” on ISAAC TV. Saleem Iqbal expressed skepticism over the effective impact of Christian TV channels. He said that the main stream media shows no signs of interest in the issues of the Christians. We live in a country where religious minorities are oftentimes under stress, stories of Christians facing persecution is likely to go unnoticed. However, by means of these Christian TV Channels, Pakistan’ Christians have something to rejoice at least.

“We want mainstream media to cover our community’ issues. The feedback we have got from such shows is overwhelming. People in the community have something to be proud of because of such children. I tell their stories. I wish the wider media could, too.”