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Pakistani Christian Usman Masih Acquitted From Blasphemy Case


According to the Rescue Christians advocacy group, a Christian man was arrested on May 25, in 2016 from Punjab. He was falsely accused of blasphemy against Islam. A gang of his accusers included Christian and Muslim men beat him physically later blackmailed him with picture of females on social media website.

Pakistani Christian Usman Masih Acquitted From Blasphemy Case

Usman registered a complaint against that group, after they physically tortured him but due to religious prejudice police did not detain them. Moreover, to take revenge the gang of attackers registered a false blasphemous case against Usman without any evidence. But this time police captivated the Usman.

Meanwhile Farrukh Saif, international director of the Rescue Christians, supported Usman’s family during his detention.

On February 16 this year provincial court in Ferozewala town acquitted Usman from all blasphemous allegations and declared him free from all false allegations.The court judge Muhammed Moeen Khokhar said that there is lack of evidence to declare Usman Masih guilty according to the Pakistan’s Controversial Blasphemy Legislation.

The executive director of Rescue Christians, Keith Davies said, “We are delighted to be able to announce the securing of this acquittal and freedom for Usman Masih.”

Davies also said that in Pakistan, Christians are targeted of false fabricated stories of blasphemous allegations like Asia Bibi.

Last year European Union visited Pakistan and found the blasphemous legislation misuse for dominating innocent Christian community in the country.

Asia Bibi who is 48 years old, is spending her life in prison since 2009. According to a witness she simply said that Jesus Christ is alive, to her Muslim coworker while working in the fields. For her this remark she was alleged for blasphemy.

According to some activists, blasphemy legislation under 295C, the extremism is increasing against the minorities living in Pakistan mostly with false allegation, in order to take revenge.

According to reports since 1990, 65 people have lost their lives due to blasphemous accusations in Pakistan.