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Pakistani Christian youth needs to be educated says Ch. Amon Emmanuel


Ch Amon Emmanuel

Ch.Amon Emmanuel is Lahore-based Christian youth leader, Anchor-person/host, RJ/Radio-presenter,Debater and social activist. Amon who thus far enjoys the status of being Pakistan’s youngest host/radio-jockey and social activist was born in 1995 to Ch.Mumtaz Emmanuel and Shakila Mumtaz.

Amon started schooling from Cathedral school hall road Lahore. He went on to study at intermediate level from the Forman Christian College and is currently doing BSC(hons) in Business Accounting & Finance from GC university in Lahore.

Amon feels inspired by his paternal grandfather Mr.Ch.Lal din Emmanuel who was chairman of four villages in the reign of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. And his maternal grandfather, Mr. Murad Arsin khokhar who served in the British Army before independence but after partition joined HBL (Habib bank limited) as a Manager, alos inspires him a lot. “Both my paternal and maternal grand fathers were educated before independence, which inspires me a lot.”

Amon says, he feels great inspiration from Saint Paul the Apostle, “due to his courage and services for spreading Christianity.” While recalling his calling, he said, “My working started with a miracle ,I was in a fast and praying to God for the community especially for the youngsters . And the prayer was like “please God give our community a good and faith full leader” God replied in an audible voice “WHY NOT YOU?” .I was shocked that “how i can do anything for our communities youth” God answered “I WILL LEAD YOU.”

At the age of 14, he established a youth group named as “Christian youth in power” which is still active, he tells proudly. In F.C. College his youth group ad been actively operating under his leadership.

His youth group gained access to areas in Lahore’s Walton road. “At least 15,000 members are registered in this youth group. I am still educating christian youngsters and supporting them in their colleges and university education.” Moreover, he has arranged a lot of courses for youngsters in which Spoken English course is a renowned one.””I am the coordinator of “Jago Youth Pakistan” as well,” he says.

He started working as a Radio Jockey (RJ) with FM-92 & FM-90 at the age of 16. “This was my deep passion to change the mindsets of our youngsters,” he said. At the age of 17, he says, “God showed me that I was interacting with thousands of youngsters. Hence God’s plan was to use me through the media to interact with the youth.”

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Amon started Pakistan’s first ever Christian youth talk show “KHUWAB-BE-NAQAB” at JCTV Pakistan. He hosted three seasons of this show. This show, according to him had changed many lives and mentality of youngsters. “This show was basically designed to showcase the dreams of the talented youngsters andseveral bright stars of our Christian community were invited on the show which inspired the Christian youth to get education and to be a productive factor in community.”

“I want to see my community on higher posts , more educated, more optimistic and more courageous for speaking up for their rights. As I made a slogan for the educated christian youngsters ‘speak or be weak!’”, he said while talking about his aspirations. “I am doing all these projects voluntarily and through the Will of God by passion without a single penny support.”

Amon lays great emphasis on the fact that Pakistani Christian youth needs to get better education, “There is no great nation without education. But taking the right education is also necessary.” He also went on to say, “Career counselors are needed for our youngsters to guide them through the right path while bearing in mind their interests and strong holds.”

While remarking about the current situation of Pakistani Christian youth, he said, “We do not have that much educated youngsters to fill-up the posts of minorities qouta for officer rank posts, many seats remains vacant every year. My message to the youngsters is “EDUCATION, EDUCATION & EDUCATION”. Because this is the utmost need of this hour that our youngsters should take education and be a faithfull and well-reputed citizens of Pakistan,” he concluded.