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Pakistani Christians alarmed amidst recent wave of terror


Pakistani Christians express alarm in the midst of recent wave of terrorism and point fingers at government’s failure to take necessary steps to thwart terror strikes and protect citizens. After the bomb blast in Lahore, when a suicide bomber killed at least 13 people and left dozens injured Pakistani Catholic leaders reacted strongly and closed schools as counteractive measures citing distressing situation.

Catholic Church in Pakistan

Following the bomb blasts in Lahore and other cities, Dominican Father James Channan stated: “It is really very shocking and heartbreaking news that one again Lahore has become the target of terrorists. Pakistan has been an easy target of the militant groups for the past several years, and I condemn this act of terror in the strongest words.”

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Father Channan went on to blame the government for inactiveness and reluctance in countering with the scourge of terrorism. He stated that the government was acting lethargically in response to the threat posed by terrorists. “The government has claimed that a warning was issued on February 7 that such an attack was expected, and the warning of higher alert was issued,” still the attacker managed to wade through the security measures.

“I take it as a failure of the government and law enforcement agencies that security measures were not taken and the terrorists arrested,” he said as he complained, “Such an excuse was also given last year on Easter Sunday.”

Father Channan expressed his concerns over deteriorating situation saying: “At this moment of shock and grief there is a grave need that all law enforcing agencies should sit together and apprehend these terrorist and extremist groups and bring them to justice,” he said.

“These groups are already known to the government. I express my condolences with all those who have lost their dear ones, and I pray for the speedy recovery of all those who are injured,” he said while adding, “All peace-loving groups and organizations condemn this bomb blast.”