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Pakistani Christians Education


Most of the Christians living in Pakistan are not that much educated as they should be.

Hi, this is Jonathan and today in the first episode of our show our main focus on the education of the Christians living in Pakistan

Christian missionary schools have always played a major role in educating Pakistanis, throughout the country’s history. At independence, in 1947 the Christian missionary schools were the primary source of education for the country.
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By 1967, the government started to overtake the missionary schools as the main source of education for the country. Nevertheless, Convent, Cathedrals and Convent of Jesus and Marry remain the last prestigious institution till today. When check an important role of the missionary schools in the Pakistani society, you would expect the local Pakistani Christians to have gained benefit from them.

You would expect the local Christian community to be playing a positive role in the field of Education and learning. But the truth is exactly the opposite, by the recent statistics provided by Dr. Jordan Patric, state that the Pakistani Christians are the least educated in the entire world.

Only 6 % have primary education
4 % have high school education
1 % have college education
only 0.5% have professional education.