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Pakistani Christians facing a fresh wave of kidnappings, rapes and forced conversions says AHRC


Pakistani Christians

The Asian Human Rights Commission has portrayed a dismal picture of the current quandary of the Christians in Pakistan.

According to details, the Asian Human Rights Commission in its recent reports has warned that there is a fresh wave of anti-Christians attacks, abduction, rape and forced conversions of Christians in Pakistan. In its report, the Asian Human Rights Commission stated that the freedom of religion; which is an elementary right of each and every citizen exists only on paper in Pakistan.

The report further stated that each year thousands of Christians in Pakistan who according to an estimate now form about 13% of the total population of Pakistan; suffer at the hands of religious chauvinists who draw on the notorious blasphemy law as a weapon to devastate their lives.

The dilemma is not just restricted here; in the recent times, the Christian girls are progressively more being forced to convert to Islam. This statement is backed by a report which was compiled and released by a Pakistani NGO Aurat Foundation on 13 July 2015. The report released by Aurat Foundation stated that around 1,000 girls are forced to convert to Islam every year in Pakistan.

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Aurat Foundation found out that the victims of these forced conversions are for the most part girls from the Pakistani Christian and Hindu communities. According to an estimate, out of 1,000 girls forcefully converted to Islam, about 700 are Christians. In this regard, Punjab which is the densest province of Pakistan has emerged as the hotbed of forced conversion.

Moreover, whenever, an incident of victimization of Christians is reported, the authorities along with the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif merely order an investigation and consequently the media agitation gets settled, whilst the victim stays without justice.

The Asian Human Rights Commission presented recent cases of Pakistani Christian girls who were forced to convert to Islam, one of the three minor victims being a 13-year-old, student of 5th grade who was abducted and forcefully converted to Islam in Sialkot.

The other victim was a young Christian girl who was working as a sales girl at a boutique in Lahore and was allegedly kidnapped on 20 November 2015 by the owner of the boutique. The victim’s family claim that the owner of the boutique wanted to convert her to Islam.

On the other hand, cases pertaining to blasphemy, the plaintiff also become the prosecutor, the judge and the executor, wiping out the blasphemy respondents extra-judicially at his own judgment, with no fear of punishment what so ever.