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Pakistani Christians have no voting right: PCC Chief


KARACHI: PCC President grumbles about the inequality in country as the minorities are not allowed to elect their representatives in the forthcoming Elections.



Dismayed minorities in Pakistan
Dismayed minorities in Pakistan

According to the details, the Pakistan Christian Congress PCC Central Executive Council in a press meeting , publicized a press release strongly reproving undemocratic and unfair upcoming elections in which 51% of Pakistani women and 18% of Pakistani population of religious minorities will not use their right to vote in National General elections to elect their representatives except will simply vote for Muslim men on 272 seats who will appoint or select 60 women and 10 minorities reserved seats in National assembly of Pakistan.


The annoyed Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC, says “elections 2013 are unconstitutional as being held denying Article 226 of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan which directs every seat in parliament to filled with secret ballot not with any nomination.”


Pakistani Christian’s decision to boycott elections 2013 is just because not government of Pakistan, not Election Commission of Pakistan and not Supreme Court of Pakistan paid due attention on frequent petitions and memorandums of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC to relevant authorities to review Article 226 of constitution before announcing date of elections” said PCC Chief


At this occasion, he clarified that “elections 2013 are not elections for 20 million Pakistani Christians but elections of Muslim feudal lords, business tycoons and Islamists who term enjoying votes of Christians, Hindus and Ahmadiyyia communities as Islamic and constitutional but to vote for them as unconstitutional that’s why PPP, PML (N), PML (Q), PTI, MQM, JI, JUI and ANP have not awarded any ticket to any Christian, Hindu, Ahmadiyyia and Sikh on any seat of NA or PA on general seats.”


“The religious minorities are pushed out of mainstream politics through these Nomination and Selection on 10 reserved seats instead of Elections” added Dr. Bhatti


In addition the PCC Chief insisted for elections for the seats reserved for religious minorities and women to craft these elections as legitimate and independent.