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Pakistani Christians pray for Christian lawyer facing death threats


Christians across the country offer special prayers for the Christian lawyer under threats. Pakistani Christian lawyer and activist Advocate Jacqueline Sultan received threats as she vigorously raises voice against forced conversions of girls from minorities’ communities and misuse of blasphemy laws. For this reason, prayer services were held in different parts of Pakistan, where Christians offered prayers for her safety.

Forced conversions in Pakistan

During these prayer services the congregants offered special prayers for Advocate Jacqueline, as they entreated God to protect her. In the city of Hyderabad, a prayer service was held at the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral; speaking in this regard, Reverend Father Samson Shukardin O. F. M. said that the provincial and federal governments must make sure that the terrorist are eliminated completely. He said that terrorists do not have any religion, and must not be given concession.

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Reverend Father Samson Shukardin appreciated the courage of the Christian lawyer. He said that the efforts of Advocate Jacqueline Sultan as she campaigns to stop the forced conversions of minorities’ girls. She has been also advocating against the blasphemy laws being misused against religious minorities in the country.

In Karachi, another prayer service was held at the Awami Church Essa Nagri. Pastor Shahid Saghar led prayers for the Advocate Jacqueline Sultan. Pastor Shahid Saghar said that Advocate Jacqueline is a woman of great courage and strength. He said that she has been struggling for the rights of minority communities. She was also praised for rendering legal assistance to the victims of forced conversions.

Pastor Rafaqat Sadiq of Presbyterian Church Karachi said that the incident was condemnable. He said that minorities are not safe in Pakistan. Faisalabad’s Bishop Iftikhar urged the government of Sindh to take notice of the incident.

He said that the provincial government must take interest in the security and well-being of religious minorities and provide them adequate security. Bishop Iftikhar said that the government of Sindh must provide foolproof security to Advocate Jacqueline. Rehmat Masih from Gujranwala while expressing serious concerns for the Christian lawyer said that we cannot afford to lose Advocate Jacqueline as we have lost our leaders in the past.

Few days ago, Advocate Jacqueline received a letter, in which she was warned not to pursue struggle for the rights of minorities or else she would be killed. After she received the threatening letter, she informed the incident to Naeem Qureshi President of Karachi Bar Association. Moreover, the incident was also reported to the South SSP, and the Rangers DG , South SSP and the Risala Police Station.