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Pakistani Christians pray for God’s protection from terrorism


Last year’s Easter bombing still haunts the minds of Pakistani Christians as they gear up to celebrate Easter this year. While remembering the heart-rending Easter Sunday slaughter of 2016, Christians seek God’s protection, from terrorism. Last year, terrorists targeted Christian community on Easter Sunday, March 27, killing 75 people.

Churches attacked in Pakistan

Later a Pakistani Taliban affiliated group, claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing. The bomber blew his explosive-packed vest at Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park when many Christians had gathered in order to celebrate the festival. Many woman and children were among the dead.

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Father of 16-year-old, Sharoon Patras who died in the incident said: “My son Sharoun was the most obedient of my children. I always thought he’d be the one to take care of me when I get old. But we know from the Gospel as Jesus forgives them, we must also forgive those who did this.”

His other son Irfan survived the attack, who said: “God spared me so I can serve Him. I want to be a missionary,” Irfan said. As the explosion unfolded, hot shrapnel from the blast tore into his back and stomach as a result his nerves surrounding his intestinal track were badly damaged.

Mother of another Christian who perished in the attack said that her 16-year-old son Wasib was among those who had lost their lives in the terrorist attack. Wasib’s relatives said he was passionate about his studies and wanted to earn a PhD degree in engineering. “I loved my son. He didn’t do anything against anyone. They killed him because they knew he was a Christian, but we forgive them in the love of Christ,” Wasib’s mother said.

As Easter approaches, Christians express concerns about security at churches and other public places on the Easter. For this reason, churches are on alert and security has been stepped for this coming Easter season. At the same time, Pakistani Christians are urging believers across the globe to pray for them as they are seeking God’s favor and protection from terrorism this Easter.