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Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand face increased oppression


Pakistani Christians in Thailand

Pakistani Christians seeking asylum in Thailand face continuous oppression.

According to details, Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand landed in trouble when they were caught up in a crackdown by the Thai authorities. Thai authorities allege that these Pakistani Christians asylum seekers are linked to terror group Islamic State’s operatives in Thailand.

In this regard, the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) has urged all Christians and others to raise funds in order to support the families and dependants of those Pakistani Christians who have been arrested during the course of past few years. What is more, these Pakistani Christian detainees are required to pay fines otherwise they would be sent to Bangkok’s notorious Central criminal jail. These Pakistani Christian asylum seekers who have been facing UNHCR’s negligence would be then be tried under overstaying their visas charges.

It has been reported that Thai police, took Pakistani Christian women and children away in “crowded mobile cages” to an even more crowded Immigrant Detention Center and criminal jail in Bangkok.

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Earlier this month, these Christian asylum seekers were arrested probably in connection with a massive crackdown on foreign people who have overstayed their visas in Thailand.

BPCA chairman revealed that Pakistani Christians were targeted in a sequence which lasted till Christmas; he said that those Pakistani Christian asylum seekers who had been arrested include 85% of women or minors. He said that on 17th December 14 were arrested, 6 women and 5 children, on Sunday 20th 17 were arrested, 9 of them children and 7 women, and on 22nd of 7 arrested, 3 were middle-aged women, a teenage boy, one man, and one elderly couple.”

“Then, the arrests climaxed on Christmas Eve with a series of operations, seven in the morning, including five women, and a further 18 in the afternoon, 8 of them women and 8 of them children ranging from 3 months to 10 years old.”