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Pakistani Christians sternly censure Rohingya killings


Amidst international fury and condemnation, on brutal killings of the Rohingyas, Pakistani Christians have also stepped forward to express solidarity with the victims. Demanding an end to the brutality, Pakistan’s Christians are offering prayers for sufferers.

Rohingya crisis

Rohingyas have often been termed as the most persecuted minority in the world, as they continue to face rejection from Myanmar as well as neighboring Bangladesh. It has been speculated that around 100,000 Muslim Rohingyas have fled their homes, in search of safe haven in neighboring Bangladesh. It has been claimed that the Myanmar military torched villages and indiscriminately killing men of a fighting age.

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Talking to CIP, Yasir Bhatti social activist and youth leader said: “I strongly condemn brutal killing of the Rohingyas… as a Pakistani Christian and human being I think the United Nations Organizations should take action against this inhumane barbarity.”

Chaudhry Amon Emmanuel, Young Pakistani Christian social activist and youth leader poured condemnation on Rohingya killings said: “I on behalf of Christian community do raise my voice for humanity.” Explicating his viewpoint, he said: “Life is the basic right of every individual on earth regardless of their demographical aspects.”

Chaudhry Amon expressed solidarity with the Rohingya Muslims saying: “Muslim community is not alone in their hard times. We stand by them for their basic right to live. We urge Myanmar government to stop these atrocities on immediate basis.”

Pakistani Christian journalist Asher John censuring the killings said: “Persecution of minorities anywhere in the world is condemnable. In this particular case, the Rohingya Muslims have been subjected to violence and forced to find refuge in Bangladesh.

He pointed finger at the inaction of the international community in especially the Muslim world saying: “Sadly the world, particularly the Muslim states, have only been making press statements instead of intervening on a state level to find a permanent solution to this issue.” “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, as Martin Luther Jr put it,” he asserts.

Another Pakistani Christian journalist, social activist Shakeel Anjum Sawan said: “Rohingya crisis is a disgrace to humanity. This is a moment of concern for the international community. I strongly condemn inhumane treatment with Rohingya Muslims, international organizations must play effective role in curbing the crisis.”

He said that international community must not remain silent in this matter; so that atrocities against hundreds of men, women and children are thwarted. “This is an opportune time for the UN to exhibit its effectiveness. We must initiate active campaigns to curb such atrocities not only in Rohingya but in every corner of the world.”