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Pakistani Christiasn woman was kidnapped raped and forcibly converted to Islam


“Alfred Arifa from Nawa Killi, Quetta, 27 year old Christian woman was kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam.”

Arifa was being kidnapped by a Muslim guy Amjad two years back in May 2009. He kidnapped Arifa with the help of his two companions who are close friends of Arifa. Lubna and Rebecca are Arifa’s very close friends. When Arifa went to Rebecca house she gave her a tea which had some drugs mixed in it.

When she drank she become unconscious and then Amjad came and kidnapped her. He took her to his house where she was imprisoned. When she came to her senses she was told by Amjad that she has accepted Islam and they are married.

As a proof he also shows her a marriage certificate. Arifa denied to both as she was unconscious and do not remember anything. So Amjad subjected her to mental and physical torture. Arifa was constantly drugged, severely beaten and locked in the house for two years.

Arifa attempted to escape several times. She finally got chance after two years. She found the main door opened on august 1st 2011.so she ran from there and went to civil hospital as she was severely beaten the night before. After some primary treatment she went to his brother Adnan.

They filed the complaint against Amjad. But as usual police didn’t support them and didn’t do anything to bring the culprit to justice. And the most shocking is the police inspector’s statement that “he was happy that Arifa has converted to Islam.”

After this incident Arifa and her family is continuously getting death threats from Amjad as he says that she has accepted Islam and is his wife so she cannot run from home like this.

But Arifa states: “I am a Christian and have always remained steadfast in my Christian faith and continued to pray to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in my heart for liberation during these two years of imprisonment”.

We Request you all to pray for Arifa