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Pakistani Church leaders Urge All Christians In Pakistan To Join Protest Against Pesecution Of Christians In Iraq


LAHORE: Pakistani Christians participated in a rally urging for an end to violence against Christians worldwide.

Christians in Pakistan pray for Iraqi Christians
Christians in Pakistan pray for Iraqi Christians

According to details, around 100 Christians participated in a rally organized at the
Cathedral Church of Resurrection calling for an end to “violence against Christians worldwide.” Church leaders including Bishop of Lahore Irfan Jamil and Reverend Shahid Mehraj called upon all Christians in Pakistan to join the protest against persecution of Christians in Iraq.

A special prayer was offered for Christians in Iraq while Reverend Shahid Miraj said that Iraq has been home to Christianity from centuries.

“I pray for the security, love, and protection of God Almighty at this difficult time in Iraq and other parts of the world. We also pray for the wellbeing of the bereaved families of martyred Iraqi Christians and ask the Divine Power to grant them consolation and closure. We pray for Him to place fear in the hearts of those responsible for the attacks, to prevent them from engaging in the merciless slaughter of Christians in Iraq,” Reverend Shahid Miraj said.