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Pakistani Embassy in Paris hosts Christmas gala for the first time ever



The Embassy of Pakistan in Paris has hosted a Christmas gala for the first time ever.

According to the Associated Press of Pakistan, the Embassy of Pakistan in Paris for the first time hosted a Christmas Gala. The Associated Press of Pakistan further revealed that at this occasion a book about the Churches of Pakistan was also launched.

This book as stated by the Embassy of Pakistan in Paris was launched with an intention to express cohesion with the Pakistani Christians who are currently living in the French capital over and above with the French nationals also. This Christmas related event which was organized by the Embassy of Pakistan in Paris was the first of its kind and the first ever in the history of the Pakistani embassy in Paris. French Senator Jean-Claude Boulard was the chief guest of the event.

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Previously on November 13, ISIS was able to carry out the horrific bloodbath in Paris when about 130 people were killed. In an official proclamation, which was also posted on Twitter, the group stated: “Today brothers from all across the world set foot in Gaul and remind the kaffir (disbelievers) in dur Al Kuffr (the land of disbelievers) that we live beside you.

We watch you when you go to sleep. And today we bring you your death. Today we reaffirm the fact we are the Islamic State. Our brothers who carried out these miracles in Gaul, the day of 29th and 30th Muharram, 1437 Hijiri.”