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Pakistani False Accused Victim of Blasphemy Got Justice


Last year in April, 23 years old Mashal Khan was murdered by a violent mob of students. They threw him down from the second floor of the building of Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan. Mashal Khan was accused of posting some anti Islam material online which was later prooved wrong and he was cleared from all accusations.

Pakistani False Accused Victim of Blasphemy Got Justice

On Feb 7, 2018 anti terrorism court sentenced to death the leader of the mob Imran Sultan Muhammed who shot Mashal Khan which he confessed. The court sentenced life imprisonment to the other five men for murdering the student.

But according to the defense lawyer Saad Abbas who is 25 years of age sentenced 3 years imprisonment while the other three and a student who is 26 years of age are cleared from the case.

At Haripur city jail where alleged murdered were kept provided high alert by police and elite force to the court.

Hundreds of the accused relatives had been waiting outside the prison cell when the final decision was made about the accused.

Waheedullah whose son was sentenced 3 years prison said that the judge’s decision is ‘unjust’.

Mashal Khan’s violent murdered recorded by cell phone cameras and uploaded online which was condemned by religious clerics too. People all over Pakistan protested against that brutal murder.

The university CCTV recording helped to identify and captivate the extremists group of university students who murdered Mashal.

After a few months Mashal Khan’s case investigation proved that he was falsely accused by some secular students group who were afraid of his criticism on rising fees and corruption at university.

According to research done by the Center for Research and Security Studies, about 65 people have been accused of blasphemy law since 1990.

A sensitive issue of blasphemy raged the Pakistani people while some in the name of religion accused others with false charge. Only the false allegation is enough to instigate the people for creating disturbance and lynching the accused.