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Pakistani Land Mafia Targeted the Church in Dera Ismail Khan


According to a social media report Christian resident of Dera Ismail Khan (DIK) protested on 20 and 21 January. They blocked the main road in front of the St. John Church situated on Circular Road. Even the people conducted their Sunday mass on the road in protest.

Pakistani Land Mafia Targeted the Church in Dera Ismail Khan

The Christian community protested against the illegal construction of shops in the church premises. The Christian people claim that some people are constructing shops in the church area and selling them. They are trying to convert the church area into commercial area.

The Christian congregation of DIK demanded the high authorities to stop converting the scared church property from commercial property by the property land mafia. They demanded that until the illegal constructed shops will not be demolished till then they will continue protesting against the land mafia.

The protestors blocked the circular road with barbed wire and threatened to continue protest until the high authority will not fulfill their demands.

Earlier in the beginning of January this year Chinese authorities demolished a huge church with dynamite for apparently no reason. In order to harass Christian community people around the world are using different tricks. But the people of God are steady and will remain stick to their Lord.