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Pakistani Minorities Need To Be Advocated Too – Hamza Ali Abassi Has A Different View


Persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan is an issue that needs to be addressed. Christians, Shias, Hindus and many other small religious minorities face exceeding marginalization.

Although there are many platforms that represent minorities at different levels, many social activists have different stances. If the Rohingya Muslims of Burma are represented at one level hypocrisy and double standards continue to be prominent at others.

In recent media stances given by prominent celebrities like Hamza Ali Abbasi the double standards are visibly prominent. He recently praised the government for its efforts for the Rohingyas of Burma. After showing his respect he went to pass a statement about how there are repeated “rants” about the persecution of minorities within Pakistan such as Hazzaras, Ahmedi, Shia etc.

He went on to down grade those who voice their stances on the persecution of minoritetes within Pakistan. No body denies that the Rohingya of Burma are being persecuted beyond imagination and are even denied basic rights of citizenship in their own country. It seems that Mr. Abbasi has forgotten the fact that ‘charity begins at home’.


Its not that he is showing hatred towards any community but the question that arises is that why it is shameful to voice ones opinion about persecution of a minority a person belongs to? How is it wrong to advocate the basic rights of belonging to a recognized minority within Pakistan?

The case of Rohingya needs to be recognized at a global platform. There is no doubt that their plight is real and deserving of our voice, and to not lend our voice to them is criminal. However, we can never forget the plight our Pakistani religious minorities face. Bomb blasts, suicide attacks, target killing and to top it all the blasphemy law. All these matters rightfully deserve our attention and there is no harm in standing up for basic human rights even in Pakistan.

Turning a blind eye to our own problems will never paint a rosy picture of Pakistan.