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Pakistani Politicians Wished Christmas to Christian Community


The Christian community in Pakistan celebrated Christmas with zeal and zest like other parts of the world. In Pakistan residential colonies are decorated with twinkling lights and other decorated items like stars, bells, pine cones, apples, candies, tinsel and balloons bedecking trees, streets, houses and churches.

Christmas Celebrations across Pakistan

A large number of congregants dressed in their finest clothes and rushed towards the churches for special Christmas services. In the churches prayers were held for peace and prosperity in Pakistan.

Last week in a Quetta terror attack in the Bethel Memorial Methodist church right before Christmas made the Pakistani Christian community sad. To make foolproof security arrangements commandos inside and around the church were deployed in Quetta. Snipers were positioned on top of the church. The people who survived from the attack recalled their loved ones and burst into tears during the Christmas mass.

One injured who survived from the terror attack in the church, break down into tears while approaching the altar to receive Communion. Other worshipers were also weeping in the congregation as they saw him.

“It is normally a joyful day, but it is painful… for all of us that attended the service while remembering the day of attack, as well as our near and dear,” said Aftab (one young worshiper).

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Chief of Army Staff, joined the Christmas celebrations at the Christ Church, with Christian community in Rawalpindi.

The parishioners thanked the COAS for sharing the Christmas festivity. He wished Christmas to the Christian community of Pakistan.

The COAS acknowledged the Christian brothers role in creation of Pakistan and their participation in every field of life for the progress of the country. He appreciated the Christian community performance in many institutions especially in the field of education, health and public welfare. He acknowledged Christians contribution in defense forces.

President Mamnoon Hussain said that it was the day to rehearse the teachings of patience, tolerance, kindness and goodwill for the whole mankind.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that Jesus Christ (AS) preached the message of peace, brotherhood and love for the whole humanity.

Many politicians in Pakistan tweeted their felicitation messages to the Christian community of Pakistan.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif tweeted on Christmas event, “Heartiest congratulations to the Christian community around the world on the festive occasion of Christmas! My gratitude to the Pakistani Christian community for their amazing public service.”

Chairman of Pakistan People Party Bilawal Zardari Bhutto tweeted,“Merry Christmas to my Christian brothers and sisters. Wishing you all joy, love and peace.”

Senator Shreen Rehman tweeted, “Happy Christmas everyone! Celebrating the Christmas Tree at home before heading out into the winter night full of Karachi weddings”

Imran khan tweeted, “Wishing our Christian citizens a Happy Christmas, full of peace and joy.”