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Pakistani priests urge Punjab government to stop “religious discrimination” while hiring employees


Job ads for non-Muslims

Real and effective steps are unavoidable to stop religious discrimination in the Pakistan Government jobs.

According to Fides, Pakistani priests are calling for proficient steps that could invalidate or at least minimize the inclination of discrimination against non-Muslims in government jobs. For this cause a Bishop’s conference was held under a Pakistani Christian organisation, “National Commission for Justice and Peace.”

All the participants of this conference unanimously urged for immediate steps be taken against religious discrimination which is obvious while hiring employees for government jobs in Pakistan. The Bishops urged the Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to “review the employment policies in order to avoid discrimination based on faith at all levels and to guarantee all citizens equal employment opportunities.”

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The members of National Commission for Justice and Peace summoned up that “in Pakistan, a country where 97% of the people are Muslims, the non-Muslims have contributed in various ways to the nation in fields such as education, health care, defence, human rights, and other areas of development”.

The National Commission for Justice and Peace, which advocates for the rights of Christians in Pakistan held a meeting and publicized this statement shortly past when the Department for the services and the administration of Punjab gave notice that being consistent with the existing law; “a legal quota of 5% of employment in the public sector is for non-Muslims in order to ensure equity.”

“Unfortunately, the National Commission for Justice and Peace noted, “Whenever a public employment sector reserves seats, it is only for the most menial jobs.” The participants went on to advocate that “Today, young people from non-Muslim communities are ready to compete in the field of public employment for highly skilled jobs”.
The members of National Commission for Justice and Peace argued that a recent example of religious discrimination displayed while hiring employees for the government jobs is an advertisement which was publicized on September 16, 2015 by the Punjab Institute of Cardiology. According to this advertisement, job vacancies for male and female janitors are reserved to non-Muslims. Such ads reserve Non-Muslims to jobs only for low-level least rated jobs including sweepers and health workers etc.

National Commission for Justice and Peace stated that “the government of Pakistan agreed to meet the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals which says every individual will be provided with work without any inequality” that therefore the country has to “overcome any religious discrimination.”