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Pakistani refugees stranded in Greece say “Its better to die than to be sent to Turkey”


The Greek Island Lesbos is hustling with refugees from all across Asia, Africa and Middle East. This is the picture portrayed by in a report by an American photojournalist Jodi Hilton, who talked with Pakistani refugees at the refugee camp at Lesbos. She wrote that these Pakistani refugees showed unfavorable unwillingness to be sent to Turkey and said that “Its to die than to be sent to Turkey.”

Pakistani refugees at Lesbos Island

“I’ve been covering the story of migration to Europe for more than five years, but somehow, the Pakistani migrant workers in Greece feels like the last chapter,” Jodi Hilton explained. The Pakistani migrants who are left stranded on the Greek Island are aiming to reach Germany or UK by any means. Majority of them are mere economic migrants.

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Seeing the massive influx of economic migrants from Asia, Africa and Middle East the European Union had decided earlier that the economic migrants will be sent to Turkey as a part of a deal between Turkey and the EU.

Back in April Greece had already deported more than 200 economic migrants to Turkey under the EU deal to curtail the mass migration after Germany publicized to drop sharply the number of asylum applications to be entertained. Majority of these 200 migrants sent to Turkey were Pakistani men. These migrants boarded on two boats carrying 124 migrants which sailed across the Aegean Sea and reached Turkey.

Under the deal, Turkey pledged to take in all economical migrants entering Greece from March 20 on wards on the other hand the European Union decided to resettle one Syrian refugee directly from camps in Turkey in place of every Syrian deported.

Jodi Hilton further revealed that the incoming of refugees has been halted however; the ones who have already arrived in Greece are taking refuge all over Greece and former Yugoslavia. These refugees are losing hope as they are learning about their fate. These Pakistanis spend most of their time, sitting on the hills and playing cards. At nights they gather around fire and sing Pakistani songs. They are served simple foods like rice, vegetables or beans.