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Pakistani Woman Gulalai Raised Voice Against Blasphemy Law


Gulalai Ismael who is running an organization ‘Aware Girls’ was presented an award in November 2016 for Conflict Prevention for her NGO which works for women welfare in Pakistan.

Pakistani Woman Gulalai Raised Voice Against Blasphemy Law

She stood up against the culture and raised voice against the man who accused her for anti blasphemy law. She refused to accept the charge against her for affronting Islam.

A 23 years old university student Hamza Khan who calls himself the president of Mardan Youth Parliament was the resident of province Pakhtu Khwa. He began a movement against Gulalai on social media blaming her for disdaining Islam as well as Pashtun traditions and values.

On social media Hamza Khan uploaded a video message on November 20 last year, in which he gives clear instructions to extremists for the murder of Gulalai Ismail with the allegation of blasphemy. Moreover, he accused her of spreading western culture since she advocates female rights in Pakistan.

Blasphemy law which is quite serious issue in Pakistan has claimed the life of all who tried to amend this law. But she took strongly stood against it and let the regime to prove her allegation. Then she decided to raise voice for those who became victim of this law without any proof.

She said that she not only stood for herself but for all those who are wrongly accused. The Pakistani government must make some law to deal with ‘false blasphemy allegation’.

Hamza Khan was arrested after threatening Gulalai for a long time, on social media from different user accounts.

Since 1990, 67 people have been murdered in the name of religion or with false blasphemy law. The governor of Punjab Salman Taseer was murdered in 2011 by his own body guard. He only raised voice for wrongly accused people and wanted to rectify the blasphemy law while his murdered when sentenced to death in 2016 was called martyr.

According to an international activist Nighat Dad, in Pakistan people use blasphemy law in order to make people threaten with severe effect.

Gulalai being a female and activist became an easy target of unknown blasphemy allegation which aroused people hate for her. With the constant threat she is working for the rights of women of Pakistan.

Gulalai said she will not keep silent to let these people accuse others too. “When a girl speaks about her rights she has so much power that people think she is a threat to Islam, culture and state all at once. I will not be silenced. I am not afraid from these cowards. I will fight against them and prove them wrong”, she added.