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Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Became Easy Route For Christian Harassment.


Forged allegation of blasphemy, forced marriages, and social opposition are problems faced by Christians in Pakistan. In Pakistan many view non-Muslims as an inferior division of society.


Christians of Pakistan protests
stop discrimination against Christians of Pakistan

Pakistan’s blasphemy law makes it against the law to speak against Islam and its prophets. Director of media development at Voice of the Martyrs Todd Nettleton said that this law is used as a weapon against non-Muslim communities. Most awful of all, accusers don’t need any evidence or testimony for proof. There are no penalties for false allegations, but anyone convicted is detained and behind bars during the inquiry.

Although Pakistan has never put to death any person for blasphemy, cops a frequently deceive and occasionally execute those convicts. A climate of fear, imposing terrified judges into court sessions and keeping eyewitnesses from approaching to protect the convict has been formulated. Two prominent politicians who opposed the law were assassinated in recent years.

According to Human Rights Watch 2014 report “abuses are rife under the country’s abusive blasphemy law, which is used against religious minorities, often to settle personal disputes.”

Tariq, a Christian, is presently in hidden subsequently authorities charged him with blasphemy. He said the allegations came after he argued with two customers who bought defective firecrackers from him. When he declined to make an apology, he said the customers went to police in Lahore and told them he had filed the firecrackers with pages from the Quran, a fable.
In accumulation to being charged with blasphemy, Christian women also fears from rape, forced adaptation of Islam, and marriage to Muslim men. Less than a month ago a Christian girl Samariya Nadeem was abducted by force converted to Islam and marries a Muslim land lord.