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Pakistan’s Church lambastes school for Christian student’s lynching


Pakistan’s Catholic Church has sternly denounced killing of a Christian student on the pretext of using glass. National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP), a human right body stemming from Pakistan’s Catholic Church has termed the government school responsible for lynching of Sharron Masih.

Pakistani Christian student killed in school

Expressing grief, NCJP maintained that Christian students are living in such a society; where discrimination and hatred and deep-seated. On August 30, 17-year-old Sharoon Masih was brutally lynched by is classmate for drinking water from a glass used by Muslim students. Sharoon was the only Christian student in a class of 70.

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Reports circulate that Sharoon Masih was subjected to taunts and bullying from the classmates. Sharoon had just started at Government MC Model High School for Boys in Burewala city of Vehari District. Christian teen’s ordeal lasted for four days when on fourth day he was lynched.

On September 12, National Commission for Justice and Peace NCJP issued a statement maintain: “Discrimination and the negligence of school authorities killed Sharoon Masih. It is unfortunate to observe that the government of Pakistan seems more concerned with infrastructure of schools and physical security of the buildings rather than the qualitative aspect of the education system. We and our children are living in a society where hatred, discrimination, bullying and ill feeling towards caste, creed, religion and social status is ingrained amongst pupils.”

NCJP stated that the negligence displayed by the school was of extreme level. Appalled by the situation NCJP stated: “While we definitely need curriculum reforms in order to promote a more tolerant and peace-loving society, teachers also need to be given adequate training on dealing with issues of intolerance that plagues our society today.”