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Pakistan’s first ever drone “Buraq” annihilates 3 militants in Tirah



Pakistan’s first armed drone annihilated three militants in Shawal.

According to ISPR, three high-status militants were killed in Shawal Valley today Monday, Spetember 7 in a drone strike by Pakistan’s first home-made armed drone, namely ‘Burraq.’

DG ISPR Asim Bajwa stated on Twitter: “First ever use of Pakistani made Buraq drone today. A terrorist compound was hit in Shawal Valley, killing three high profile terrorists.”

Previously, Pakistani security officials had mentioned that locally assembled armed drone ‘Burraq’ has paved ways for more efficient combat options against the militants in the offensive in Tirah Valley. Moreover, senior security officials confirmed that prior to public unveiling of ‘Burraq’ it had actually been tested in live combat against militants in the Tirah Valley.

On March 14, Buraq, the remotely-piloted aircraft and laser-guided missile ‘Burq’ were tested, with which Pakistan inched a step closer to get hands on the technology it has been demanding from the United States.