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Pakistnai Christian actor and writer – Ashir Azeem


Pakistnai Christian actor and writer - Ashir Azeem

Ashir Azeem, a Pakistani Christian actor and writer met incredible fame in Pakistan in 1994 due to his super-hit action drama serial, Dhuwan (دھواں). Dhuwan was his lone project in the field of TV serials.

What is little known about him is that he worked for Pakistan Customs, even during the recording of the drama and when it was being aired on PTV.

He worked there until he got suspended as Additional Director – Directorate of Post Clearance Audit, Karachi. His name appeared in news due to a Customs Automation Project with the name CARE.

Subsequently, he reportedly migrated to Canada. Nevertheless, Ashir Azeem was reportedly restored by an FBR notification on 1st Aug 2012.