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Papua, Indonesia’s tribal group is seen dancing with joy in a recent video

Hupla Bible Translation Celebrations
Local kids are seen dancing on the occasion

In a video recently released members of a tribal group of Papua, Indonesia are seen dancing with joy as they receive the complete translated Bible in their Hupla language. The local church had witnessed an increase in number since the translation of the New Testament in the Hupla language but the real celebration began when the complete Bible was translated in the Hupla language.

For the past 40 years, Mike Brown and other MAF pilots have flown the translating team in and out of the Soba airstrip.

The first Bibles were given to a young man, representing the youth; to a woman, to stand for all women; and to an older man, recognizing those who had waited many years for the entire Bible in their language.

The son of one of the translators, Kenuel, was excited about the box of Bibles they had just received.
“We had a special time of devotions together opening the Bibles. I’m feeling like I’ll be able to learn more deeply about God’s word. When I sit with my own people I’ll be able to read, we’ll be able to read it together,” he said.

The Hupla Bible translation was done by local tribesmen, helped by missionaries and supported by the Indonesian Bible Society.

By now the Bible has been translated into 531 languages and the number is growing with the passage of time.