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Paralyzed Christian Man and Uneducated Wife Accused Of Sending Blasphemous Text Messages


In July 2013 paralyzed Christian man, Shafaqat Emmanuel and his wife Shagufta Kausar were detained in Gojra District for supposedly sending blasphemous text messages to the neighborhood Muslims.

laws must not be used for personal enemity

Shafaqat Emmanuel who is paralyzed and has no consciousness in his lower body is being in custody in a Toba Tek Singh Jail along by his wife. In the meantime their four children and his father Emmanuel Masih were given shelter by the WVIP.


Over the past six months lawyers have been trying their hard efforts to get aid from the Session Court and High Court of Lahore. Previously, the session court had disapproved the bail request of Shagufta Kausar and similarly High Court of Lahore disapproved the bail request last week and ordered the Session Court to sum up the trail within 60 days. During the case complaint proceedings Muslims clerics terrorized the defense lawyers frequently.
In present scenario convicted couple’s relatives are feared that there may be death sentence to the paralyzed man and 35 years imprisonment to the uneducated Shagufta Kausar for sending text message.


We do not know why Human Rights Organizations around the world do not see such injustice in Pakistan, where Law is been used as a prostitute. Instead of giving justice to these persecuted people Judges are giving them sentences.


WVIP request the International Community to raise its voice for this persecuted couple and their four children.