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Paris attack aftermath: Majority in Muslim countries “dislike” ISIS



Followed by recent deadly attacks in Paris, by terror group ISIS; majority of citizens from Islamic countries have expressed dislike for ISIS.

A new report based on a survey in 11 countries with Muslim majority conducted by Pew Research Centre, reveals a strong dislike for ISIS. As a result of, ISIS’s recent attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, majority of citizens of Islamic 11 Islamic countries overwhelmingly conveyed negative views of ISIS. However, the only exception was Pakistan where the majority of citizens presented no clear-cut opinion of ISIS.

The data reveals that in none of the countries, more than 15% of the population questioned displayed a positive attitude towards the terror group Islamic State. On the other hand, in countries with secular outlook the population also expressed a negative attitude towards world’s ultra terrorist group ISIS.

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In Lebanon, 100% people questioned expressed dislike for ISIS, in Israel 97% voted against ISIS, 1% in favour and 2% said they don’t know. In Jordan, 94% disliked ISIS, 3% favoured and 4% did not have opinion. In Palestine 84% disliked ISIS, 6% favoured and 10% did not give their opinion.

In Indonesia, 79% disliked 4% liked and 18% did not answer. In Turkey 73% disliked, 8% liked and 19% did not answer. In Nigeria 66% disliked, 14% favoured and 20% did not answer. In Burkina Faso, 64% disliked, 8% favoured and 28% did not answer. In Malaysia, 64% disliked, 11% favoured while 25% did not answer. In Senegal 60% disliked, 11% favoured and 29% did not answer. In Pakistan, 28% disliked, 9% favoured while 62% did not have opinion.