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Paris offering to welcome Asia Bibi’s family


Asia Bibi

Paris has offered to welcome the family of Asia Bibi- an international newspaper reports.

In keeping with details, an international newspaper has published a report in which Asia Bibi is quoted saying that Paris has offered to house her battered family. According to a message from Asia Bibi; which was conveyed by her husband Ashiq Masih, Asia Bibi has offered gratitude to France. Seeing the escalating danger for the Christian family in their own homeland, France had offered to provide shelter to them

In a message which, Ashiq Masih had conveyed after visiting Asia Bibi in the jail, Asia Bibi is quoted as saying, “My prison cell has no windows and day and night are the same to me, but if I am still holding on today it is thanks to everyone who is trying to help me. When my husband showed me the photographs of people I have never met drinking a glass of water for me, my heart overflowed.

Ashiq told me that the city of Paris is offering to welcome our family. I send my deepest thanks to you Madam Mayor, and to all the kind people of Paris and across the world. You are my only hope of staying alive in this dungeon, so please don’t abandon me. I did not commit blasphemy.”

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50-year-old, Asia Bibi has been on death row since she was convicted of committed blasphemy. She was accused of committing blasphemy in June 2009 by her fellow-workers. In 2010, Session’s Court in District Nankana, ruled capital punishment for Asia Bibi. Her defence lawyers filed an appeal against the decision while she remained in police custody since then. However, on July 22, the Supreme Court of Pakistan temporarily halted her execution, citing a lack of evidence against her.

Asia Bibi enjoys the title of Pakistan’s most famous prisoner, is the only woman in Pakistan who is on death row. As she linger’s along, waiting for a hearing date at the Supreme Court of Pakistan for an appeal against her death sentence, life has become no less than tribulation for her.