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Particularizing the countries where Christians face up to the extremism


Form the past fourteen years, North Korea tops the list of the most dangerous countries for Christians. For a fact, it is being termed as the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian. In 2015, more than 7,000 Christians were executed in the country, because of their faith.

Global Persecution of Christians

Following North Korea, in this list is Iraq where a systematic genocide of Christians is taking place at the hands of ISIS. Christian population in Iraq has been reduced from two million in 2003, to below 200,000 in recent times. Tens and thousands of Christians were forced to flee when the terror group Islamic State (ISIS) captured large swathes of the country. Christians faced worst forms of persecution including abduction, sexual abuse and death threats at the hands of the ISIS extremists.

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Eritrea, which can justly be called the “North Korea of Africa” owing to soaring levels of tyrannical terror, is the third most dangerous country for Christians to live in. Predominantly Islamic countries, Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan are next in line in this obnoxious list.

In Syria, which ranks at number 5 in this list; Christians have been targeted by the inhumane jihadis along with being caught up in the continuing civil war. The country has an estimated 772,000 Christians, yet it is prohibited to be a Christian in the areas under the control of ISIS.

While remarking about the alarmingly rising global trend of persecution of Christians, the CEO of Open Doors UK and Ireland, Lisa Pearce, said, “The persecution of Christians is getting worse, in every region in which we work – and it’s getting worse fast.

In many parts of the world, despite the pressure and the often terrible cost, the church continues to grow. There is always hope, and yet we are in unmarked territory – the pace and scale of persecution of Christians is unprecedented and growing fast.”