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Pastor Accused Of Blasphemy In A Village Of Punjab Leaving Local Christians Dispersed


LAHORE: Christian families flee from their village as a local pastor gets accused of blasphemy.

Pastor accused of Blasphemy in a village of Punjab
Pastor accused of Blasphemy in a village of Punjab

In line with details, communal tensions in a village near Lahore grew on 16th of September 2013 when of scores of local Christian families made a run from their village after a local pastor was accused of blasphemy.

According to an International news agency, “tensions began last month when Pastor Sattar Masih, 37, was accused of uttering derogatory remarks about Prophet Muhammad.”  On the other hand, Sattar Masih denies the accusations, saying,” He didn’t make derogatory remarks about Islam or its Prophet.”


According to reports, the accused pastor was forced to appear before Islamic clerics to plead his case. While the witnesses quote the accuser,” The clerics will decide if he blasphemed against our Prophet and in case he refused to appear before the clerics then we will kill him.”  The complainant identified as Ali Hassan, an 18 year old Muslim.


Sattar Masih told, the international news agency that,” one cleric had asked him if he had said Muhammad was a cruel man. I clearly refuted the claim and told him that I had only defended that the Bible is still in its original form.”


The fearful pastor remains certain of a partial trial even an extra judicial judgement, thus fled to Lahore with his companion. As reported by local Christians,” Just before they left, a Muslim mob began a house to-house search for them.”


According to reports,” On September 2, more than 250 Muslims reportedly gathered to discuss the case against Sattar Masih. Seven Christians from the families of Sattar Masih defended him, saying that no insulting language about Islam or its prophet had been used.”


According to the World Watch Monitor, “Soon after, teachers from the village school reportedly asked Christian students about the “religious teachings” Sattar Masih had been giving them. More than 100 of them were sent home, raising alarms among their families and prompting “many of them to flee from the village.”


Despite the fact that local police said in published remarks,” They intervened and that Christians were in no danger.” Yet many local Christian families are still unwilling to return including Pastor Sattar Masih – who fears for his life.