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Pastor’s Mysterious Death in India highlights Christian Persecution


According to the late pastor’s friend the pastor Periyaswamy converted to Christianity 25 years earlier. Moreover his body when found hanged with a rope had marks of torture.

Pastor’s Mysterious Death in India highlights Christian Persecution

According to authorities pastor committed suicide while the Christian congregation says his sudden death is the result of persecution by Hindu extremists Parishioners told the Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy was being threatened by some Hindu mob. Since last 6 months they were psychologically torturing the pastor. Last year the pastor was beaten by some Hindu extremists.

India which is the world’s largest democracy drawing our attention towards the Christian minorities persecution in India with its 11th position among the 50 most dangerous countries of the world for Christian persecution. Since the pastor’s mysterious death with continuous threatening from the Hindus proves it.

According to the Open Doors report in 2016 weekly 10 cases occurred against Christian community in India while this year the average increased up to three times. Christian residents in India are nearly 64 million which is a minority religion like Islam, Buddhism and many more. Director of advocacy at Open Doors America, Kristin Wright told that a regime always marginalize the minority religion while give importance to the majority religion and make it official religion of a country.

Daniel Mark, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said that some government authorities spoke for the minority persecution, on the other hand some closed their eyes consulting it normal. Therefore the Hindu radicals do whatever they like to torture other religious minorities, thinking that they are exempt from punishment.

USCIRF has given 2nd rank to India for its violence and threats to religious minorities. USCIRF tired to come to India many times but like human rights group their visas are rejected with the allegation of “anti Hindu.”
Mark admired Pakistan and Saudi Arabia that these countries are aware that they will confront criticism from their visit even then they grant visa to them.

According to USCIRF report of 2017, “Religious tolerance and religious freedom conditions continued to deteriorate in India.”

U.S. based Christian charity Compassion International which served in India for 50 years left last year saying that government authorities restrict them from working.

Pastor Azariah said that Hindus tried to hindered ministry works because they feel sad about the growing conversion of Hindus to Christianity.