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PCC strongly criticizes CDA for a biased justification to demolish slum areas of Islamabad


Pakistani Christians

Pakistan Christian Congress strongly condemns Capital Development Authority’s justification for demolishing the slums of Islamabad, which are largely inhabited by Christians.

According to details, Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti- President of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) has made a recommendation to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) that if it fears that the Christian population residing in the slums of Islamabad may cause a threat to the Muslim population of the capital city, then it should advertise “Sanitary Workers Muslim only in Islamabad.”

CDA in its written reply which was submitted in the Supreme Court regarding the case of slums (katchi abadis) demolishing “it is necessary to identify the fact that most katchi abadis (slums) are under the occupation of the Christian community and have shifted from across the country and occupied government land so boldly it has been allotted to them and it seems this pace of occupation of land may affect the Muslim majority of the capital.”

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti while criticizing CDA’s stance about the demolishing of slums he cut it out, and said, “Pakistani Christians will be grateful of CDA and Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali if they take out yoke of slavery through imposition of profession of Sanitary Worker for them starting from capital city of Pakistan with hiring only Muslim as sweepers and push all Christians out of Islamabad by demolishing their homes to make this city more beautiful and Muslim friendly populated.”

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Moreover, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti said, “Muslims have been cleaning streets of cities of Indian sub-continent for centuries while profession of sanitary worker was imposed on Christians after formation of Pakistan.”

Capital Development Authority (CDA) in a statement has presented a ridiculous reason for continuing the demolishing drive of slums which are inhabited by Christians predominantly.

Nazir Bhatti mouthed shock that the Christian slum dwellers who have been actively keeping the capital city clean and have been doing so for decades now; homes of same Christians are now being termed as a black mark on the beauty of Islamabad.

While PCC Chief urged that the Capital Development Authority should build alternate housing for these Christians or at least provide them apartments to live in; if the slums need to be demolished in any case. He said that some of these Christian residents of the slums are employees of CDA since years.