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Persecution of Christians in Pakistan needs to be recognized a UK based NGO states


Pakistani Christians

In the wake of rising persecution of Christians in Pakistan, a need to recognize the substantial fact that Christians are being persecuted urged in the British Parliament.

A UK based NGO namely Global Minorities Alliance, GMA as been endeavouring to raise the issues of persecuted Christians in Pakistan. It is necessary to identify the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan, Global Minorities Alliance said in an appeal note sent to Fides.

About 20 various organizations joined in an effort, to monitor the situation of religious minorities in Pakistan. In a recent hearing of this cause, Global Minorities Alliance presented various cases of persecution of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Ahmadis in Pakistan. This hearing was held in British Parliament which was attended by various British leaders also.

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In the appeal note which Global Minorities Alliance, sent to Fides, it mentioned two terms “discrimination” and “persecution” related to current situation of Christians in Pakistan. The note also mentioned the stance maintained by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2014, in which the Apex Court issued directives to the government of Pakistan to take effective steps to protect the religious minorities in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the vice President of Global Minorities Alliance, Shahid Khan urged the European countries to grant asylum to the persecuted Pakistani religious minorities’ members, if they request for it. He urged the European countries to consider the Geneva Convention on Refugees of 1951, which obligates the signatory states grant asylum to those escaping conflict and persecution.

Shahid Khan, condemned the renowned blasphemy law in Pakistan, also mentioned the high profile case of blasphemy accused Pakistani Christian woman, Asia Bibi who is on death row.

Global Minorities Alliance urged the Government of Britain and the governments of other western countries to review their economic relations with Pakistan, urging them to pressurize Pakistan to improve the observance of human rights in the country.