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Pervaiz Masih: A Forgotten Tale Of An Unacknowledged Christian Hero Of Pakistan


Pervaiz Masih, a forgotten hero received no recognition for his sheer bravery. While performing his duty he laid down his life in a desperate attempt ot save lives of several students.

Wife and child of Pervaiz Masih with his photo
Wife and child of Pervaiz Masih with his photo

It was 20 of October 2009, when an ear-splitting blast was heard at around 3:15 pm in the café of the Islamic International University Islamabad. This was a suicide attack carried out by a terrorist who was dressed like a woman. A suicide bomber dressed in burqa entered the café where several students were present at that time. A worker at the café named Pervaiz Masih caught sight if this suspected figure. As the suicide bomber tried to enter the cafeteria, Pervaiz Masih rushed to stop him. When caught by Pervaiz, the suicide bomber blew himself up. Pervaiz Masih lost his life while displaying sheer valour, saved lives of many students who were present in the cafeteria.

As a result of this suicide bombing, Pervaiz Masih and 7 students lost their lives. Government later announced a sum of 1 million for family of Pervaiz Masih, since then nothing much has been heard about Pervaiz and his family.

The matter being brought to light here is that in a very similar incident a 14 year old boy named Aitzaz Hussain in Hangu stopped suicide attack on school and saved lives of thousands of children that were studying in schools and sacrificed his own life. However, Pervaiz Masih has not been given due acknowledgment like that to Aitazaaz Hussain. Pervaiz Masih is not even bestowed with the title of Shaheed (martyr) nationally. Whereas, Aitazaaz Hussain was declared a national hero, nonetheless Pervaiz Masih proved that Christians in Pakistan are no less then other citizens when it comes to patriotism and love for their fellow countrymen.