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Pervez Khattak Presents Clarification For His ‘Controversial’ Statement



PESHAWAR: Chief Minister of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa clarifies his stance over his controversial statement about minorities.


Pervez Khattak presents clearification for his statement about minorities in KPK
Pervez Khattak presents clearification for his statement about minorities in KPK

Pervez Khattak- the Chief Minister of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa presents a clarfication about his statement which cause an uproar among the minorities not only in KPK, but across the country. In his much debated statement he said, Muslims “cannot be hired as sweepers and cleaners” as these jobs should be done by minorities, including Christians. In his statement he said, Sanitary workers (Cleaning drains, streets and roads) job will be given only to Christians, Hindus and lower casts.”


The PTI leader, as a result presented a clarification elucidating his outlook of the situation as follows:



“There is a deliberate attempt in the media by political opponents and vested interests to create a falsehood about my having spoken some derogatory remarks about minorities. This is absolutely wrong as I have never derided the minorities who form a vital part of the Pakistani nation.



Let me put the record straight simply because quite unnecessarily the sentiments of our fellow Pakistanis belonging to the Minorities have been hurt through deliberate propaganda being done.



What I actually said in the Provincial Assembly was in response to a complaint by our Minority MPA Mr. Singh. He brought to my notice that the poor amongst the minorities were desperately seeking jobs as sweepers and janitors in the Peshawar Municipal Corporation but were not being employed.



I responded that they should be given first preference and all those who had been hired through nepotism but were now refusing to do the job because they were ‘Muslims’ should be fired.



I neither stated that only Christians can be hired for these sweeper and janitorial positions nor did I state that there was a ban being placed on Muslims being hired for these positions.



Even more absurd is the conclusion drawn from my remarks that I was advocating that Minorities can only be hired for these positions. Clearly the intent is to malign the PTI government. But we will not be detracted from our goal of clean, accountable government responsive to all our people’s needs.”

Pervez Khattak
Chief Minister Khyber Pukhtunkhwa
Secretary General PTI