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Peshawar: Christians protest about death-dealing liquor business


Followed by another incident of deaths caused by toxic liquor consumption, Christian community of Peshawar staged a protest against the noxious alcohol business in the country. These agitated Christians were calling for a complete ban on the sale and purchase of liquor maintaining that thus far dozens have lost their lives as a consequence of alcohol consumption.

Pakistani Christians die of tainted liquor

This protest was organized by local Christians who raised their voices against recent incident of deaths caused by tainted liquor. They said that selling of Illegal alcohol, at the same time they urged for a far-reaching drive to create awareness regarding the harm caused by use of tainted liquor. They said that such acts not only bring a bad name to Christianity but also to the country. In this regard, local Hindus and Sikhs also joined forces with Christians and participated in the protest.

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This protest was held in collaboration with members of Pakistan Youth Assembly, activists from various other groups such as PMA, APMA, Christian Students Federation Peshawar, political activists and members from Hindu and Sikh communities. At this occasion, the participants of the protest unanimously agreed to strive for ban on alcohol business in Pakistan.

Five Christians died after drinking tainted liquor in Peshawar. The deceased and others affected consumed tainted liquor. The incident took place in Sawati Gate neighborhood, when six Christians were critically affected by the toxic alcohol. Consequently, five perished while one remains in critical condition.

The incident occurred within the jurisdiction of Pishtakhara Police Station. The Pishtakhara SHO said that the incident took place at midnight. He maintained that the affected consumed tainted liquor, and were shifted to the Lady Reading in unconscious state. Doctors at the Lady Ready Hospital pronounced five of them dead while one of them is still receiving medical treatment.

SHO Pishtakhara Police Station further detailed that the affectees identified as Nasir Masih, Qaisar Masih, Victor Masih, Kamal Masih, Raja Masih and Shehzad were employees in cantonment board and other government departments. Shehzad survived but is in critical condition; the postmortem report of the dead bodies has revealed that the death occurred due to intake of spirit-mixed liquor.

In a similar incident at least 150 people were affected by tainted liquor consumption on Christmas Eve. Death toll reached 50, while dozens were critically ill. Following the incident, DPO Toba Tek Singh, Usman Akram Gondal while addressing a press conference, said that the tragedy had unfolded because the victims had consumed aftershave lotion instead of liquor. He further briefed the media about the raids being carried out in this connection.

He said that police is making all out efforts in order to hook the perpetrators, revealing further that the prime suspect in this case, namely Sawan Masih is among five suspects who have already been arrested. At this occasion, the detainees were presented before the media.