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Peshawar Church attack: A 23 year old paralysed girl likely to be sent abroad for treatment


PESHAWAR: A Scotland based pastor striving to transport his paralysed niece to Scotland for treatment.

Farah Javed- victim of the All Saint's Church bombings
Farah Javed- victim of the All Saint’s Church bombings

Scotland’s First Minister has got involved to help bring a Grangemouth minister Rev. Aftab Gohar’s injured niece to Scotland for imperative treatment. Farah Javed has been rendered paralysed from the waist down by the terrorist attack on the All Saint’s Church in September this year. However, after few months have past she is still lying in a hospital bed in Peshawar; with slight hope of walking again if she remains there.


Rev. Aftab Gohar is an ordained minister at AbbotsgrangeParishChurch, who is do his utmost to bring his niece to Scotland in the hope she can be helped. Farah Javed 23 year old victim of the bombings, was beauty therapy student, and is one of more than a few members of Rev. Gohar’s family injured in the bombings on September 22. Moreover, Rev. Gohar’s 79 year old mother, his niece, nephew and two uncles, passed away in this terror campaign; that left more than 200 dead and countless injured.


It turned out once Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald bring to light Farah’s case to Alex Salmond; his staff contacted Rev. Gohar. Subsequently, they arranged for Rev. Gohar to discuss Farah’s case with neurosurgery expert Eric Ballantyne, who receptively advised the best suitable option for his niece to be a referred to the national specialist spinal injuries service in Glasgow.


Mr MacDonald said; “The First Minister and the other ministers I contacted about this unfortunate incident have been most supportive to the Rev. Gohar and his family, and are keen to assist in whatever way they can.” The Falkirk Herald has on the other hand appealed for funds to help bring Farah and her mother to Scotland and the MSP added: “It is heartening to know there are many very caring people in Grangemouth and elsewhere who are actively raising funds to help bring Farah to Scotland. I hope arrangements can be progressed swiftly so Farah can be treated as quickly as possible.”


Rev. Gohar is confident that obstacles would no longer hinder him from bringing his injured niece to Scotland quickly. He said: “She remains in the government hospital in Pakistan. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to refer patients to overseas hospitals, but we hope that this can be sorted out quickly.”