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Peshawar Church Attack: Churches In Bath Raise Funds For The Injured


BATH: Churches raise generous amounts to the victims of the deadly suicide bombings at the All Saint’s Church.

All Saints Church reopened
Peshawar- All Saints Church

According to detail, Churches in Bath have raised in excess of £4,500 to be of assistance to the people in Pakistan injured in a Taliban suicide bomb attack.


According to a rough estimate more than two hundred people were hurt in the attack on a Church in Peshawar in September, with more than 200 killed. Most of the injuries from the attack included broken limbs and burns, with thrusted in projectiles in flesh having need of major surgery.


Consequently, St Philip and St James Church at Odd Down launched an appeal, to which Bath Anglican Churches together with Widcombe Baptist have now contributed more than £4,500. The fund money was used up on aid which has been already delivered by a Pakistani-born British. Thus a team comprising medical experts was formed to deliver antibiotics, antiseptics, bandages and medical mattresses.


Vicar of the OddDownChurch the Rev Alan Bain said: “Often, we see these tragedies but are powerless to help. What makes this different is that my friend from Bath is on the ground working in the area. We worked together on the phone to come up with a plan to help the people there. Our contacts have visited Peshawar twice now and brought relief from Bath churches to 140 people many of whom have had no outside help since September. With the onset of the harsh Pakistani winter, urgent help is needed to keep the most badly wounded alive before, hopefully, the major donors arrive.”


He added that nonetheless blankets, surgical mattresses and more medicines were still needed and next month, the Church plans an appeal to send out Christmas presents to orphans and injured children.