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Peshawar Church Attack: Claims Of Human Organs Trafficking


VATICAN: Dead in twin suicide bombings at the All Saints Church stripped off their organs by the paramedics for illegal sale.

Peshawar Church blasts scandals
Peshawar Church blasts scandal


A Vatican news agency, Agenzia Fides has allegedly claimed that a horrifying crime has been reported after the Peshawar Church incident that the dead were stripped off their organs by paramedics which were then sold the illegal organ trade black market.



Moreover, it is has been pointed out in some segments of the media that, ”Persons from law enforcement agencies were involved.” The human organs are put up for sale at soaring prices. Nevertheless, in any case of the lack of confirmation by independent sources, the government of Pakistan must straight away investigate the claims and impede the illicit acts of any persons drawn in the trafficking of human organs.


Agenzia Fides reported in its 28th September report that, “After the bombs in the Church of All Saints in Peshawar, the situation remains tense in the Pakistani society: not only tragedy but also horror. The Christians said they were horrified by the rumours that link the bombs in Peshawar to the vast problem of organ trafficking: this is what some members of NGOs in civil society in Pakistan told Fides. Some of the “jackals”, presumably local paramedics, seem to have taken advantage of the high number of deaths and injuries in order to steal the bodies of victims and exploit them for the illegal organ trade”.


Fr. Mario Rodrigues- a priest of Karachi says, “If this were true, it would mean that there are criminals who are taking advantage of the suffering of Christian victims in a truly blasphemous and sacrilegious manner.”



“We call for a serious investigation on behalf of the police”, he concludes.


Appalled by these claims, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) insists on the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take Sou Moto action; directing the government to bring about an instant probe into the allegations of human organ trafficking,”So as to establish to the international community that it takes accusations of the state sponsored persecution of non-Muslims seriously.”