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Peshawar Church Blasts: Mercy Mission To Pakistan


HUDDERSFIELD: Generous aid and funds generated for the victims of the Peshawar Church bombings.


An extensive aid plan named the Mercy Mission to Pakistan: dispensing funds among the sufferers of the suicide blasts. The expedition was to distribute funds to families caught up in the bombing outside All Saints Church, Peshawar, which saw more than 100 people killed and many more injured, in September. The money had been collected from Churches crosswise the dioceses of Wakefield and Carlisle. The fund raising was boosted by Yaqub Masih’s personal fund-raising proposal through friends and colleagues in the West Yorkshire area.


Yaqub Masih, of Wakefield Cathedral at Salendine Nook, was able to raise funds around 12,000 pounds and arrived in Pakistan: aiding 130 affected families troubled by the attack. Yaqub Masih handed 15,000 rupees each. During his Mercy Mission he also took part in a Church service in All Saints while he was there. While expounding about his mission, Yaqub said: “A lot of things saddened me there – many families are suffering and all we can do is our little bit to help them. This is just a small token of love to show that we care for them and we love them and they are not alone.” In past times Yaqub Masih has been instrumental in providing aid to the people in Pakistan since 2001, unidentified gunmen opened fire in a Church in eastern Pakistan claiming 17 lives including children who were at prayer.


The doleful congregation was hit by twin suicide bombings as they filed out of Church on a Sunday morning on September 22, right into the blast zone of one of two suicide bombers. The attack was the worst against Christians in Pakistan as the country’s history records.