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Peshawar: Curfew imposed on area adjacent to PAF base in Badabher


PAF base badabher

Security forces have imposed curfew in neighbourhoods adjacent to the Badhaber Air Force base in Peshawar.

According to details, after the deadly attack on the Badaber Air Force base, the security forces have resorted to imposing a curfew in Shalozan Colony which is bordering Badaber airbase.

Police official from the police station at Badhaber, clarified that the PAF base is secured and the base has its own security system. The police official further said that curfew has not been imposed by the police. “We know about it but we have nothing to do with it. The area had been cleared of militant hideouts, but militants had escaped to Afghanistan and were operating from there.”

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The police official went on to clarify that the security forces responsible to protect the PAF base have imposed the restrictions. Although security situation has been improved much as compared to times past, and confrontations between the militants and police are not as frequent as before however the terrorists can launch an attack at any time. “Nonetheless our crackdown against anti-social elements in the area is still going on.”

The police official further detailed that police has carried out four clearance operations since the attack on the Pakistan Air Force base in Badhaber. “In some of them we were assisted by the security forces and arrested at least 150 suspects from different areas,” he said. Police has tightened up the security in the area.

“A few days ago announcements were made on loudspeakers, saying there would be a curfew in place from 10pm to 6am and that everyone had to abide by it. As a security measure, the area has been under curfew for the last three days,” a local resident of the area said.