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Peshawar: Graveyards running out of room, Christians whine


Christian community in Peshawar whine about shrinking place for burial. Christians’ graveyards are running out of space, they say. Apprehensive Christians claim various factors such as increase in population and encroachment have been instrumental in the brewing of this problem. In years to come, they whine we fear there will be no place left to bury our dead, they voice they claim.

Christian cemeteries in Pakistan

A local Christian while speaking in this regard, said: “Every time we dig a grave for a dead person, we find body parts and bones in it. We bury our dead over the remains of more than two deceased.” In line with an estimated data there are about 30,000 Christians in Peshawar- yet there are only two Christian cemeteries in the city.

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The two Christian cemeteries namely Gora Qabaristan and Wazirbagh graveyard are already filled to their capacity. “I fear when I die, I will also be buried over the skeletons of others,” a local Christian said.

Wazirbagh is the largest Christian cemetery in Peshawar. It is situated in Wazirbagh area, which is house to a predominantly large number of Christians. It is spread over an area of 14 kanals. A gravedigger at the Wazirbagh graveyard said that there is no more space for new graves. He said that old graves are being used for bury new dead bodies.

While speaking in this regard, Ravi Kumar Adviser to the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Minorities said that he is well aware of this issue as, the Christian community has already discussed the problem with the authorities and a meeting with the CM KPK, Pervez Khattak is due to be held soon.

“We will also discuss the minority’s security plan with him as well.” Ravi Kumar said that the issue is of serious nature and needs to be addressed on priority basis, “we are trying to solve it in an effective manner but the problem of space in the graveyards is something really serious.”