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Peshawar Incident: Condemnations From The International Community


ISLAMABAD: Outpouring of International outcry and condemnations augments amid grief and anger over Peshawar Church suicide bombings.

Church Blast in Peshawar
Church Blast in Peshawar

In the context of Peshawar Church bombings there has been glaring condemnation from the international community including the European Union. The EU has urged Pakistan to guarantee ‘accountability’ of the perpetrators to prevent them from such appalling acts like the Sunday’s terrorist attack on the All Saints Church in Peshawar.


The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton said,” She was appalled by the terrorist attack on the All Saints Church in Peshawar on Sunday, which killed at least 82 people and injured more than 140.”



“The EU condemns this attack in the strongest terms. We call on the Government of Pakistan to take stronger action to ensure the protection of all its citizens – regardless of their religion or belief – and to bring to justice all groups and individuals responsible for inciting and carrying out acts of terror. Accountability is vital to deter perpetrators,” according to a statement from Ashton. Furthermore, she commiserated with the bereaved families, while encouraging all Pakistanis to work together to uphold and ensure forbearance and communal harmony.


 Additionally, the United States, Great Britain, United Nations, India and Canada have also condemned this viciousness by the militants.


Strongly condemning the Church attack the Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Andrew Bennett-Canada’s Ambassador for Religious Freedom, said in a statement, “We are deeply concerned by the violent disregard of extremists in Pakistan for the right of all religious communities to practice their faith in peace and security. This was an act of cowardly violence that brutally targeted innocent worshippers. Canada calls on Pakistani authorities to bring these perpetrators to justice and to protect those who seek to worship in peace, free from fear and intimidation,” said the statement.


US Ambassador Richard Olson said, “We remain concerned about extremist violence against whomever it may be directed, including attacks like this that claimed the lives of scores of innocent victims. Violence against innocent civilians is an assault on the values of the people of Pakistan and a threat to a prosperous future for all citizens.”


The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said he was dismayed by the attack and urged Pakistan Government to bring the perpetrators to justice. In his statement he said, “The secretary general condemns this atrocious bombing attack in the strongest possible terms. These acts of terror could not be justified by any cause, and urged the government “to do everything possible to find and bring the perpetrators to justice. The secretary general extends his heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims, the people and Government of Pakistan.”


The Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh while condemning the horrendous suicide attack on the Church said,” This was yet another deeply disturbing manifestation of the evil forces of terror. That the attack took place at a place of worship and claimed the lives of dozens of innocent worshipers makes this senseless act of violence even more tragic. Such barbaric acts are against the tenets of every religion. India condemns the terrorist attack in Peshawar in the strongest terms. We convey our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and wish speedy recovery to the injured.”