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Peshawar: Representatives from different faiths pay rich tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi


Representatives hailing from different faiths paid rich tribute to the legendary philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. They heaped praise on the great humanitarian and acclaimed his services of prominent social activist and humanitarian late Abdul Sattar Edhi during a festival held to promote interfaith harmony.

Interfaith harmony festival in Peshawar

The interfaith festival was organized by Peace Education And Development (PEAD) foundation in a joint effort with the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) under the project “Joint Social Action for Equal Rights and Opportunities for minorities in Pakistan.” The event was held at the Peshawar Club, Saddar. The event was attended by several members from Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Sikh communities.

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At this occasion, a Christian human rights campaigner Auguston Jacob remarked that Abdul Sattar Edhi was a symbol of love and humanity. He said that the legendary humanitarian served people irrespective of their religion, color and race, through his life. “We should try to follow in his footsteps,” he said.

Father Joseph John acclaimed services of Edhi at the same time called for an inevitable need for inter-religious harmony. He said social concord is the need of the hour. He asserted that if we all claim to be Pakistanis; we must be united as one. Without unity we cannot get viable progress, he continued.

Woman district councilor Rabia Basri said, “No religion of the world teaches hate and violence. We need to study and understand other religions as this will help us better understand our own religion.”

Other participants expressed their opinions that people like Abdul Sattar Edhi are born once in centuries. They said that his legacy and mission should be carried along with same zeal and passion as the man himself did. They appreciated his service towards humanity shorn of any worldly interest.