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Peshawar: Sale of Cross inscribed shoes vex Christians


Christians rant and rave after learning about shopkeepers selling shoes with symbol of “cross” inscribed on them. Reports emerged that shoes are being sold with Christian holy symbols inscribed on their soles. The news has irked local Christians who claim that the stock must be confiscated immediately by the authorities and strict action should be taken against those manufacturing and selling such products.

Shoes with Cross symbols sold in Peshawar

These shoes have two cross symbols at their soles. These shoes are being sold in shops in local markets. Ensuing the reports, local Christians are exasperated and are demanding that immediate action should be taken in this connection.

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While commenting in this regard, young Pakistani Christian social activist Yasir Bhatti explains that: “Here in local bazars some shopkeepers are selling shoes which are blaspheming Christian faith as symbols of cross have been inscribed on their soles.”

Peshawar-based youth activist further said that this act must be dealt under the aegis of the blasphemy law. “I, therefore, request honorable Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take action against the perpetrators. Those who are found involved, in the production and sale of such shoes must be hooked. Provincial government must ensure justice in this regard; as this act has hurt the religious sentiments of Christians.”

Yasir Bhatti further urged Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael to look into the matter and take strict action against the perpetrators. He further invoked Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Suo Moto notice of the act and administer justice to the Christians.

“I urge the provincial as well as federal governments to take notice of the desecration of Christian symbol. I call upon the Peshawar High Court to take action in this case.”